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At Grange Enterprises, our story begins with a group of agronomists and growers coming together to address a common need – reliable products and local support for fellow agronomists and growers. With over 20 years of collective experience, our founders witnessed the spectrum of experiences in ag tech, from the promising to the overwhelming. Recognizing the challenges this posed for growers needing quick, sound decisions in water management, we set out to make a difference.


We understand a grower's most valuable time is not spent deciphering tech jargon or navigating through fancy marketing materials. That's why we curated a catalog of proven, trusted, and reliable products and services. From the large-scale projects to the smaller ventures, Grange Enterprises is dedicated to providing sound, practical water management practices. Our mission is to empower growers and agronomists with solutions that work in real-world applications, allowing them to focus on what they do best – tending to their fields and ensuring the success of their crops.

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