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Welcome to Grange Enterprises, your locally owned and operated partner in the heart of California's Central Valley. As a team of certified agronomists, we specialize in water management solutions for growers. From ag tech to irrigation scheduling and water quality treatment, we are dedicated to ensuring your success.

Rooted in Agronomy

Our approach is hands-on, blending the latest in ag tech with the practical wisdom gained from years in the fields. We don't just provide solutions that look good on paper; we deliver real-life, effective strategies that work for you.

What sets us apart is our commitment to simplifying the complexities of water management. We understand the dynamic challenges growers face, and we've tailored our services to handle them for you. Whether it's crafting custom irrigation schedules, implementing cutting-edge ag tech, or ensuring water quality treatment, we're not just here to offer solutions – we're here to make your life as a grower easier.

Our Services

Navigating water management can feel like a puzzle. That's why we made it our mission to untangle the complexity and make it straightforward for you. We're not here to dazzle with solutions that only impress on paper. Instead, we roll up our sleeves, meld ag tech with practical wisdom straight from the fields, and present real-life solutions that not only sound good but get the job done.

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RTIS™, or Real-Time Irrigation Scheduling, is a hybrid intelligence software that seamlessly blends new-age technology with the practical know-how of agronomically sound data. No fancy suits here—just good ol' tech doing the dirty work for each farm's unique needs. Our software's got these smart algorithms that dig into crop types, soil conditions, application rates, and microclimates. It's not rocket science, but it's close. RTIS grabs real-time data from soil moisture sensors and weather forecasts, handing growers the power to call the shots on when to water.

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Remote Field Monitoring & Technology

Grange Enterprises has partnered with the best technology manufacturers in the industry. With the support of our vendors, we are able to offer premium technology to our growers. Our agronomists work with your team identifying which technology best suits your farming operation to ensure the most desirable experience. Common remote field monitoring technology includes soil moisture monitoring systems, weather stations, flow meter monitoring, reservoir level monitoring, irrigation automation and other speciality applications depending on your crop type and needs.

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Soil Moisture Probes

When it comes to telemetry, your data is only as good as your sensors. In order to guarantee quality data, Grange Enterprises offers HydraSCOUT™ soil moisture probes to both growers and resellers utilizing remote field monitoring. As the Western United States distributor for Hydrascout, Grange Enterprises carries local inventory probes in various configurations to fit your application.

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Water Quality Treatment

At Grange Enterprises, LLC, we understand the importance of clean and safe water. Our Water Quality Treatment service ensures that your water meets the highest standards of purity. From filtration systems to chemical treatments, we provide comprehensive solutions to improve water quality and protect the environment.

Our Team.

Grange Enterprises, LLC

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